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¢100-125 Automatic Moulding Press For Making cutting disc and grinding wheel

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¢100-125 twenty-eight workstation automatic moulding press for making cutting wheel and grinding disc.
  • CXJ105125
  • 8451500000

Product Description

Technical specification:
(a) Products specifications:100-125,thickness 1-8, cymbals form, inter and outer net, paste brand etc different kinds cutting wheels and depressed center wheels;

(b) Rating press:100-250 ton( select by yourself),cast steel beam;

(c) Structure: disc revolving twenty eight workstation;

(d) Scrape mode: fix volume revolving switch, electrical sloping plate slightly raise

(e) Control mode: PLC control, touch screen display;

(f) Capacity:6-7 second / per grinding wheel ( about 4100-4800 disc /eight hours);

(g) Multi head drive turnplate. Presser head insert into mould cavity, and pre-press mould;

(h) Operators:3-5 persons;

(i) Another descriptions: According to technics and products,this machine can be made up to twenty workstations or twenty four workstation etc.

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