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14inch 355x3x25.4mm Chop Saw Blade For Steel

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Product Description

A-aluminum oxide
WA - white aluminum oxide. 
it mainly used for metal, steel and stainless steel cutting. 
Thin wheel with cutting performance, for use on low-power floor-stand machines. For gengeral purpose metal ,steel and stainless steel application, designed to cut structural steel solids, pipe and tubing.

Dimension       Dimension      Speed      Spec     Item Code    Pcs/ctn    KG/CTN     Carton Size
            (mm)        (Inch)     (r.p.m)

     300x2.0x25.4 12x5/64x1" 5100 A30Q A3002041 25 11 31x31x7
    300x2.5x25.4 12x3/32x1" 5100 A30Q A3002541 25 12 31x31x8
    300x3.0x25.4 12x1/8x1" 5100 A30Q A3003041 25 13 31x31x9
   350x2.5x25.4 14x3/32x1" 4400 A30Q A3502541 25 15 37x37x7
   350x3.0x25.4 14x1/8x1" 4400 A30Q A3503041 25 19 37x37x9
   350x3.7x25.4 14x1/7x1" 4400 A24Q A3503741 25 19.5 37X37X9
   400x3.0x25.4 16x1/8x1" 3800 A30Q A4003041 25 24 41x41x9

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