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Abrasive Belt Splicing tape For Butt Joint Sanding Belt


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joint flim for sanding belt button type
  • T906267

  • sheldahl

  • 19mmx100m

  • Ruby

  • 55°,67°,75°

Product Description

Splicing tape joint film


First, compared with the lap belt, butt (flat then) the belt has the following advantages:
1, reduce the cost of making the belt. Eliminating the diamond grinding wheel grinding belt joint process and costs;
2, Belt in both positive and negative directions can be run, so that the life of the belt growth;
3, the connector is lap joint lap, not easy to disengage, greatly reducing the accident rate;
4, grinding smooth. Especially in the grinding composite board, decorative plate, the surface is not tremor pattern;
5, the appearance of the belt more beautiful lap, more professional, more loved by customers!

Second, crimping
The belt dried at room temperature for 30 minutes was milled and blown clean. The adhesive tape was glued to the edge of the substrate that had been milled and coated with glue. After hot pressing on the edge press, Isolation paper to prevent adhesion, the pre-bonded belt onto the crimping machine crimping. (Pictured)
Crimping time
10--15 seconds
50 ° C - 70 ° C
2000 - 3000 psi (psi)

Please be aware that the bonding strength of the belt after crimping depends strongly on the degree of curing of the adhesive. The curing speed of the adhesive depends on the ambient temperature and humidity at that time. The higher the temperature and humidity, the shorter the curing time. Otherwise, the longer it takes to cure. In general, the pressure-bonded joint's adhesive needs to be completely cured at room temperature for 48 hours before the maximum bond strength of the joint can be achieved. We found that some conversion plants in order to seek fast, within a few hours after the belt pressure belt will be bundled packaged sent to the user. These binders are not fully cured abrasive belt bundled bundled and bumpy car transport, will seriously affect the joint adhesion and strength; plus if the user immediately use these adhesive has not fully cured abrasive belt, there are Belt grinder may occur in the belt joint cracked off the accident. Please be sure to take appropriate measures and to develop strict procedures to completely avoid and eliminate the occurrence of these accidents!
In short, the belt docking (parallel) process of the various processes - milling, glue preparation, coating, crimping, crimping plastic joints completely cured are very important. All aspects can not be lost, can not attempt to take a shortcut, can not just figure fast. Remember "For speed is not up." We must follow the laws of science, and in accordance with the factory's production, to develop a scientific, effective and practical production and quality management systems and measures to produce high quality butt (flat then) belt.

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