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Full-Automatic Flap Disc Production Machine

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Full-Automatic Flap Disc Production Machine

New generation Valour full automatic flap disc machine adopts brand new design concept,many parts were optimized compared with former generation,the whole structure is more precise and more stable,thus flap disc stability and durability is effectively improved. Valour full automatic flap disc machine can automatically upload backing,detect backing,quantitatively feeding,flap cutting and setting,shaping and automatically download finished flap discs with high automation.Flap disc quality is very good and under control.
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  • 8474802000

Product Description

Product: Semi automatic flap disc machine

model: ABHB-125/180

Main body size: 1300*800*1800

Glue pump size :1100*650*1500

Feeding system size: 1000*400*1450

voltage :380V 50HZ

power: 5-7kw according to different configuration

Glue pump type: 280kg or 300kg

Glue coated: 3-30g(can be adjusted)±0.1g

Flap quantity: Can be set at any angle of 360°

Output: 600-800pcs/hour

Backing size: Φ75mm~Φ180mm 、 T27/T29

Backing material: Fiber glass or plastic

Belt width: Dual flaps,flap width 11-35mm

Flap length: 14mm-22mm

Control system: Imported servo motor+regulator+linear guide

Glue feeding system: Airtac air cylinder+Smart thermostat system

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