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Abrasive Raw Material Mixing Machine

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Material mixing, which is an important procedure in mold production, refers to a process in which external forces that change both in speed and direction move mold materials (including grinding material, binder and accessories) to evenly mix the grinding material and other materials and to evenly spread the binder on the surface of the grinding material. The more even the binder is spread on the surface of the grinding material, the more likely a high quality mold with even texture will be produced.
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Product Description

Abrasive podwer mixing machine 

Technical specification:

(a) Max material volumes in pan: 100kgs
(b) Material pot diameter x depth:  Φ900 × 400mm
(c) Stirring speed: 51RPM
(d) Material pot speed: 10-35RPM
(e) The maximum turnover pan angle: 100°
(f) Feeding height: 950mm
(g) The discharge height: 1050mm
(h) Mixing time: 1-30 minutes
(i)The total power: 14.5KW
(ii) Overall dimensions: 3200x2100x1500mm
(iii)Total weight: 4500kgs
Electric appliances are used in Japan, Mitsubishi, Schneider, etc.
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