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Resin grinding wheel curing furnace

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The equipment for the electric drying hardening furnace, thermal control using the program control system. It is mainly used for cutting wheel, grinding wheel , flap disc and flap wheel harden. The heating element is SRQ5-200 / 2.0 type electric heater. The furnace body is equipped with two fans for forced thermal cycling. The main body of the equipment for the capacity of 3.2m3 furnace and directly related electrical instrumentation.
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Product Description

 Technical specifications
1. Equipment Name: Electric hot air circulation drying furnace;
2. Best temperature: 300 ° C;
3. Temperature difference between the furnace temperature ± 3 ° C;
4. Temperature control method: program temperature control (multi-point temperature control)
5. Temperature control instrument A1508 artificial intelligence program controller
6. Heater model: SRQ5-200 / 2.0KW (a total of 12);
7. Calibration power: 27KW;
8. Furnace size:
Furnace inside: 1700(width) x1300 (deep) x1450 (high)
Furnace outside: 2100 (width) x1500 (deep) x1800 (high)
Maximum furnace outside: 2400 (width) x1650 (width) x2200 (high)
9. Insulation: 100mm thick cotton fiber
10. Fan: 2 sets of multi-leaf type
11. Fan power: 1.5KW;
12. Furnace weight: 1200Kg
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